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Music Works began visiting local school music programs in 2003. Since then the Music Works Outreach Program has provided thousands of area music students with focused music instruction, at no cost to the students or to their schools. Many of these students cannot afford private lessons. The impact on the students and the schools is enormous, as evidenced by the following feedback from one recent recipient of a Music Works outreach visit:

 “The educational outreach that Music Works contributed to clinics at Interlake High School and Ardmore Elementary School targeted and impacted students who might otherwise not have the opportunity to receive private instruction or extracurricular opportunities in music. The Music Works clinicians coached instrumental sections and individual students, providing needed help in fundamental areas of musicianship, encouragement and support.” 


Feedback like this illustrates not only the success of the Music Works Outreach Program, but also demonstrates the continued need for this program. During the past year Music Works string, wind and voice faculty members visited over 20 area schools.

If you're interested in our outreach services, please contact Bruce Staelens

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