Our teachers, music therapists and ensemble directors have strong academic credentials and are among the Puget Sound region’s most active and sought after performers. Faculty members have undergraduate and graduate degrees from prestigious institutions including the Juilliard School, the Eastman School of Music, Berklee College of Music, the University of North Texas, the Mozarteum Academy, the Moscow State Conservatory, and the University of Washington. Their varied performance experience includes work with the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, the San Francisco Symphony, and the Boston Pops.

We have taken great care in selecting our faculty, and use the same background check standards that guide our public schools. Our faculty members are dedicated working professionals from all over the world.

Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass

Whitney Pierce Takaba guitar, suzuki

Whitney Pierce Takaba - Guitar

Clark Grogan, Guitar teacher

Clark Grogan - Guitar and Ukulele

Antoine Martel, guitar songwriting

Antoine Martel - Guitar, teaches in English & French

Dan O'Brien, bass teacher

Dan O'Brien - electric bass

Brooke Bower - Ukulele


Bill Anthony, trombone tuba teacher

Bill Anthony - Trombone, Tuba, Baritone

Bruce Staelens, trumpet teacher

Bruce Staelens - Trumpet

Pete Kirkman, trumpet teacher

Pete Kirkman - Trumpet

Suzanne Feinstein, french horn

Suzanne Feinstein - French Horn


Joshua Romatowski, flute teacher

Joshua Romatowski - Flute

Mike West, saxophone clarinet flute

Mike West - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Lori Shepherd, Clarinet, Saxophone

Lori Shepherd - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe

Julian Banbury, Bassoon

Julian Banbury, Bassoon


Jack Toker, drum teacher

Jack Toker - Drumset

Denali Williams, percussion

Denali Williams - percussion

Summer Camps

Kristin Schneider Photo

Kristin Schneider - Director, Music Explorers and Musical Adventures

Karen Nestvold, Gotta Sing! Camp

Karen Nestvold - Director, Gotta Sing! Camp

Kelley Johnson, Jazz Voice Pop Voice

Kelley Johnson - Director, Jazz Voice and Pop Voice Camps

Bruce Staelens, Jazz Camp

Bruce Staelens - Director, Jazz Camp

Whitney Pierce - Director, I Love Music camps

Rob Frain, Computer Composition Camp

Rob Frain - Director, Digital Music Camp

Clark Grogan, Computer Composition

Clark Grogan - Director, Electronic Music Camp

Lyndee White

Lyndee White - Director, Gotta Sing! Camps

Jessica Andrews

Jessica Andrews - Director, Creative Keyboards Camp

Jaclyn Stapp

Jaclyn Stapp - Director, Pop Voice Camp for Younger Campers and Let’s Make a Musical! Camp

Antoine Martel

Antoine Martel - Director, Rock Shop

Riley Kua

Riley Kua - Director, I Love Music Camps, Music Meetup and Teen Music Meetup

Gabija Vaicekonis

Gabija Vaicekonis - Director, Creative Keyboards Piano Camp and Budding Songwriters VIRTUAL Camp

Raisa Asriyants

Raisa Asriyants - Director, Instrument Discovery Camps

Josh Romatowski

Josh Romatowski - Director, Instrument Discovery Camps and Flutes on Fire Camp

Lindy Elggren

Lindy Elggren - Director, I Love Music Camp

Gina Flint

Gina Flint - Director, Gotta Sing!

Isil Askin

Isil Askin - Director, Creative Keyboards VIRTUAL Piano Camp



Rob Frain, piano teacher

Rob Frain

John Hansen, piano teacher

John Hansen

Fred Hoadley, piano teacher

Fred Hoadley

Asta Vaicekonis, piano teacher

Asta Vaicekonis

Dr. Jonathan Oddie, piano teacher

Dr. Jonathan Oddie

Riley Kua, piano teacher

Riley Kua

Gabija Vaičekonis, piano teacher

Gabija Vaičekonis

Antoine Martel, piano teacher

Antoine Martel


Dan O'Brien, bass teacher

Dan O'Brien - String Bass

Shiang-Yin Lee, cello teacher

Dr. Shiang-Yin Lee (Cello) - teaches in English & Chinese

Raisa Asriyants, violin teacher

Raisa Asriyants (Violin) - teaches in English and Russian

Greg Savage, violin viola teacher

Greg Savage - Violin, Viola

Pamela Liu, violin teacher

Pamela Liu (Violin) - teaches in English & Mandarin Chinese.


Cynthia Staruck (Violin) - teaches in English and French

Erika Fiebig, cello

Erika Fiebig, cello


Amber Rose Johnson, voice teacher

Amber Rose Johnson

Karen Nestvold, voice teacher

Karen Nestvold

Susan Strick, voice teacher

Susan Strick

Kelley Johnson, voice teacher

Kelley Johnson

Music Therapy

Kristin Schneider Photo

Kristin Schneider

Brooke Bower

Riley Kua

Riley Kua

Elizabeth VanSant

Elizabeth VanSant

Emma Gordon, music therapist

Emma Gordon (substitute)

Natalie Shannon

Natalie Shannon

Group Classes

Kristin Schneider Photo

Kristin Schneider - I Love Music, Musical Adventurers and Sing It Out! Choir

Riley Kua

Riley Kua - I Love Music, Social Skills through Music and Voices of Sunshine Choir

Brooke Bower - Sing It Out! Choir, Rockin’ Together, Social Skills through Music and I Love Music Family Jam Time

Elizabeth VanSant

Elizabeth VanSant, Parent and Me Group Piano Class, Beginning Piano for Teens and Adults and Music Works Adult Community Choir

Spencer Edgers

Spencer Edgers

Dr. Ron Cole, Jazz Combo

Dr. Ron Cole, Jazz Combo

Fred Hoadley, Afro-Cuban Ensemble

Fred Hoadley - Afro-Cuban Ensemble

Antoine Martel, Guitar, Songwriting

Antoine Martel - Rock Bands and Beginning Guitar Class

Bruce Staelens, Honor's Jazz

Bruce Staelens - Honor's Jazz (Advanced)

Mike West

Mike West - Honor's Jazz (Intermediate)

Whitney Pierce-Takaba - Intro to Suzuki Guitar/Ukulele Class

Shiang-Yin Lee, Cello Choir

Dr. Shiang-Yin Lee - Cello Choir