What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy uses music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. Music therapists are trained professionals who have undergone rigorous training, including completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher in music therapy and 1200 hours of clinical training. Music therapists must also pass the National Board Certification Exam and keep their certification current through ongoing music therapy education.

At Music Works, we specialize in working with neurodivergent children, teens and adults and members of the Disability community with a client-centered approach. Our first priority is to create a safe space where each client can explore, grow and make personal discoveries within the therapeutic relationship. Treatment goals and interventions are individualized and centered around the strengths, interests and needs of the client. Some common interventions used are:

  • Movement to music, to promote motor coordination and self-expression

  • Singing and vocalizing, to work on expressive communication and language

  • Instrument play, to improve fine and gross motor skills and impulse control

  • Songwriting for self-expression, communication, problem solving and teamwork

Private Music Therapy


Private music therapy services are available Mondays through Saturdays during the academic school year, and Mondays through Fridays during the summer. We are currently offering in-person services at our location and telehealth music therapy services.


In most cases, we will begin with a New Student Package, which includes a pre-assessment phone interview, a one-hour assessment, and three 25- or 50-minute music therapy sessions. The total cost of the initial package is $200 if you choose 25-minute sessions, or $315 if you choose 50-minute sessions.


After the initial package is complete, you can choose to continue services by registering for the remainder of the Academic School Year, or by registering for Short-Term Packages.


Academic School Year                                              Short-Term Packages

25-minute sessions: $173.55 per month                 25-minute sessions: $47.50 per session

50-minute sessions: $341.25 per month                 50-minute sessions: $93 per session

To sign up for private music therapy or for more information, contact or call (425) 644-0988.

Group Music Therapy & Summer Camps


Group music therapy is a powerful tool for working on social skills, impulse control, emotional regulation and teamwork with other neurodivergent peers. We offer a range of music therapy groups for ages 3 and up. We are currently only offering virtual group music therapy services. Visit our Classes & Groups page for a full listing and to register.


Many of our groups and camps qualify for DDA Community Respite or Lifespan Respite Washington funds. To sign up for a class using DDA funds, please note the groups or camps for which you would like to register and fill out the application on our website. To register using Lifespan Respite Washington funds, contact or your case manager.


For more information about group music therapy and summer camps, email

Mobile Music Therapy


Bring music therapy to your school, long-term care facility or clinic! We are excited to offer weekly or monthly music therapy groups at your location. Our music therapy team will work with you to create treatment plans that align with your organization’s mission and support existing goals for clients, residents or students.


Telehealth Music Therapy Groups

$75 per 50-minute session

In-Person Music Therapy Groups

$90 per 50-minute session*


*Travel fees may apply

Ready to learn more? Contact

Special Events


At Music Works, we love partnering with community organizations to create specially tailored events for your members or constituents. Recent collaborations include songwriting workshops with cancer survivors, open mic nights with summer campers, and singalong socials with individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injury.


Contact to partner with us!

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