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Music Works proudly offers 30, 45 and 60 minute in-person and virtual music lessons for students of all ages on 21 different instruments and voice.  Our faculty members are experienced, diverse, competent, and professional. We have more than one faculty member for most instruments and can match you to the right teacher. For your convenience, we can often schedule sibling lessons with different teachers so that they occur at or near the same time. Private lessons are a great way to supplement school music programs and are also perfect for adult beginner, intermediate and advanced music students.

Music Works also offers therapeutic music lessons and adapted music lessons; visit our Music Therapy Webpage or email to learn more.

MUSIC LESSONS in flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele, bass, voice, piano, percussion, and drum set. To learn about our faculty, click here.


Academic Year VS. Short term lessons

Music Works offers two convenient ways to schedule your lessons, academic year and short term. 

For the academic year you pay a monthly tuition which secures your lesson day and time from whenever you register till 6/17/24. When you register for the academic year, your first payment is for first and last month, and after that you would pay a monthly payment of $188 for 30-minute lessons.  Depending on when you start the academic year package, your first month is prorated. Academic School Year registrations are available until 3/1/2024.

Short term lessons cost $53.50 for a 30-minute lesson, and you're required to sign up for at least four at a time.

The advantage of registering for the academic year is that the price per lesson is less, your day/time will be secured for the entire year, and you will be guaranteed either 1 or 2 make up lessons (depending on when in the year you start). With short term lessons there is the risk of your lesson day/time being given to a student who does sign up for the full academic year and make up lessons are not offered for these lessons. 

The benefit of short-term lessons is that you are able to pick and choose lesson days/times that work best for you and your teacher.  This is great if you know that you will be missing a large number of lessons during the year, or if you know that you only want to take lessons for a limited amount of time. 


Short Term

30  minutes - $53.50 per lesson

45 minutes - $70.90 per lesson

60 minutes - $89.50 per lesson

Academic Year

30 minutes - $188.00 per month

45 minutes - $250.00 per month

60 minutes - $315.90 per month

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