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Why take lessons at Music Works?

Why take lessons at Music Works? Studies overwhelmingly point to the value of music education. Music study improves critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, enhances self-esteem, stimulates memory, and fosters team work. Students who study a musical instrument score higher on standardized tests. In addition:

  • Music Works faculty members all have college music degrees, 65% hold graduate music degrees, and all are professional, performing musicians.

  • Students have a wide variety of performing opportunities, from studio recitals to Student Showcase recitals in professional venues. Music Works does not charge students a “recital fee,” and all concerts are free for family and friends to attend

  • Students have performance opportunities in Music Works ensembles, including the Honor’s Jazz Ensemble, the Cello Choir and the Afro-Cuban Jazz Combo

  • You pay no registration fee at Music Works

  • Private lesson students receive 30% discounts on class and ensemble tuition

  • Scheduling Options – we work to accommodate families, doing our best to schedule siblings/multiple family members at the same time with different teachers, or back to back with the same teacher if possible

  • We teach all ages and abilities

  • We offer music therapy services, adapted music lessons and therapeutic music lessons

  • We offer tuition assistance for all of our programs

  • Students can audition for merit-based scholarships


As a non-profit organization, Music Works gives back to the community through:

  • Educational outreach in public school music classes

  • Free concerts presented by our talented faculty

  • Free community events such as our Instrument Discovery Days

  • Tuition Assistance

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