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Learning and Growing Through Music:

Early Childhood Education at Music Works Northwest

Why Music?

We know that active engagement in music has benefits for everyone. But for young children whose brains are still growing and developing so fast, the impact that music has during the first years of childhood is astounding. Mastering an instrument helps develop working memory; musical games and playing music together in a group nurtures impulse control; improvising and being creative together increases cognitive flexibility; reading musical stories and singing songs grows our language and vocabulary; learning to read music helps with academic skills; the emotional bonding that happens around making music as a group or a dyad promotes social-emotional learning; and moving to music or playing an instrument strengthens fine and gross motor skills.

What Makes Us Unique?

At Music Works Northwest, all of our early childhood classes are led by board-certified music therapists

with specialized training in psychology and child development and a wealth of experience in working with infants,

toddlers and early learners. Because of the instructors’ background in music therapy, each class will be highly flexible

and tailored to the unique interests, needs and strengths of the families that are participating, making musical experiences accessible and engaging for all skill levels and a wide range of ages.


In our music classes, we aren’t just learning about music; we’re supporting healthy development and attachment through music experiences.


Parent education is an integral part of each early childhood class at Music Works. Music therapists will share tips and tricks for using music at home and supporting your child’s musical growth every day.


Each class also seamlessly leads to the next, from ages 0 through age 8, so that you can continue growing and learning with us through the early learning years. And, since Music Works NW offers music lessons on a wide range of instruments, students can stay with us after “graduating” from early childhood classes to choose an instrument and continue their musical growth.

What We Offer

Baby & Me Music | Ages 0-2

Welcome to the world of music! This brand-new class designed for our youngest music lovers and their caregivers. Each class will include familiar songs and fingerplays, sensory experiences, songs and activities for caregiver-infant bonding, and movement songs for motor coordination and body awareness. In each class, we’ll learn some of the “why’s” behind what we do in class, and learn simple ways to bring music into our homes – both for our child’s enjoyment and for ours!


I Love Music | Ages 3-4

Children this age are so ready to explore and learn about their world! In this class for older toddlers, we will use music to learn about our world, play different instruments together, and discover new music concepts such as rhythm, pitch and melody. Parents and caregivers will play an active role in the music-making process and will learn ways to encourage a love of music at home.

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Pricing Options

At Music Works NW, we are committed to removing barriers to accessing our programming. We have sliding scale pricing available for our Baby & Me and I Love Music classes. Families can choose to pay full price ($345), or a lower price of $100 or $200. Or, help sponsor another student’s participation in the class by choosing the Pay-it-Forward Price of $445. Tuition Assistance is also available for lessons and classes at Music Works Northwest

Early childhood music classes run on semesters, but it’s okay if you join us mid-semester! You can find our current class schedule on our Classes page. Email to find out more!

Parent & Me Ukulele | Ages 5-8

Let’s learn the ukulele! This class is designed for parents and children to learn the ukulele together. We’ll learn how to hold and tune the instrument, work through basic chords and strumming patterns, and learn how to accompany ourselves and play together as a group. All skill levels are welcome! Families are expected to bring a ukulele for themselves and their child for class; the instructor can provide ukulele recommendations on the first day of class. A limited number of ukuleles are available to be loaned out to families upon request. A parent or caregiver is expected to participate in each class as a learner alongside their student.


Parent & Me Piano | Ages 5-8

Learn or rediscover the piano during group lesson with your child! This class is a how-to guide on how to parent and nurture your growing pianist. This class allows adults to learn or return to the piano while developing strategies with at-home practice while developing their own piano skills. All skill levels are welcome! Please note that families will need access to a piano or keyboard to participate in this class. Parent or caregiver is expected to participate in each class as a learner alongside their student.

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