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Social Justice Statement

Music Works Northwest is a music school and community comprised of a wide variety of people. We are diverse in age, passions, cultural background, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ethnicity, body shape, artistic preferences, physical abilities, and education.  As much as we are different, we share a love for music, learning, teaching and skill development.  The gift of music is of immeasurable importance to humankind and all are welcome at Music Works to pursue their musical aspirations.

We live, work and play in a diverse community, and we affirm our commitment and focus on engaging and collaborating in teaching, service, and scholarship that allows every student, every instructor, and every staff member to nurture their gifts and talents to the greatest possible extent.  We strive to be an anti-racist and ethnically unbiased community, purposefully identifying, discussing and challenging issues of race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation and the impacts they have on students, faculty, staff members, and the greater Music Works community.



1. To affirm explicitly and in united solidarity our identity as a music community that stands together against racism, sexism, and ableism; a community which supports Black Lives Matter and other anti-oppression organizations.

2. To continuously examine implicit bias and systemic advantage/oppression such that our anti-racism commitment is reflected in the life and culture of our community through our policies, programs, and practices as we continue to learn about racism and ethnic oppression.

3. To the development and implementation of organizational strategies and best-practices toward equity in all aspects of our community.

4. To providing opportunities to learn and create music which are available and open to all people, including underserved populations in our geographic area.

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